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Gujarati Gupshup

Something about my Gujarat

Download Free Gujarati Garba

Free Download o gori non stop gujarati garba MP3 Song

Non Stop Part 1

Non Stop Part – 2

Gujarati Garba Odhani (Gujarati) – 1

Gujarati Garba Odhani (Gujarati) – 2


dhol na sathvare part 1

dhol na sathvare part 2


108 Paras Non Stop Songs part 1

108 Paras Non Stop Songs part 2




Aavta Jaata Musa Shekher part 1

Aavta Jaata Musa Shekher part 2


Aavo Ramva Raas part 1

Aavo Ramva Raas part 2



De Tali


SANGAT Non Stop Garba


Rangat Garba Dandia




Aati Kya Dandiya Mein

Part 1

Aati Kya Dandiya Mein

Part 2


Mara Te Chitt No Chor Part 1

Mara Te Chitt No Chor Part 2






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  1. luckyraj

     /  09/23/2014


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  3. dinesh vaja

     /  09/21/2014

    Khusbu in gujarat

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  5. umesh

     /  09/16/2014

    for garbha

  6. ANIL

     /  09/03/2014

    i have interst garba

  7. ANIL

     /  09/03/2014


  8. hitesh sharma

     /  07/01/2014

    excellent collection of garba………….!

  9. sir, adsense vise gujarati post muko.

  10. garba dawunlod

  11. bsthakor

     /  10/05/2013

    Veri nice…


  12. vedant

     /  08/01/2013


  13. Jitendra a teli

     /  01/04/2013

    Very nice colection

  14. Tushar

     /  10/24/2012

    Hi Hitesh

    Aavta Jaata Musa Shekher part 1

    Aavta Jaata Musa Shekher part 2

    has same link, Did u miss the part 2?

  15. KC SONI

     /  10/18/2012

    Excellent collection

  16. Ds Desai

     /  10/07/2012

    nice collection


  17. Ds Desai

     /  10/07/2012

    very nice collection sir

    Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat..

  18. Kedar

     /  09/12/2012

    hey please tell how to download other links which you have mentioned jus above the comments…

  19. Vaibhav vaghela

     /  08/31/2012

    thanks nice collect the garba thanks a lot

  20. Snehal

     /  08/13/2012

    good collection


  21. Dr.Kamal mistry

     /  08/09/2012

    hey nice garba songs here all are,

    thanks a lot for such a good collection

    kindly request to add soor mandir o gori garba in this list.

  22. ramoliya

     /  07/12/2012
  23. Manish

     /  04/13/2012

    really good collection of Gujarati Garba..

  24. Heman Patel

     /  03/17/2012

    Visit the website and it is really nice for Gujarati.

    Please provide Garba “Radha Rame Vikram Na Tale”

  25. Bhavi Mahisuri

     /  09/29/2011

    Hey Thanks a lot…..
    really u done a great job (specially for Gujju…)

    Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat..
    Jay Hind.

    Take Care

  26. yogesh soni

     /  09/28/2011

    it’s really very very good garba


  27. sneh

     /  09/24/2011

    hiieeee…really its too precious cllecsn frm ur side….

  28. gujju

     /  09/23/2011


    Your contribution to Gujarati community is so valualble, I really appreciate your efforts to share these collections.

  29. Amit

     /  09/21/2011

    Whay you no any adding dj mix garba? Pls. Adding you

  30. patel deepak

     /  01/27/2011

    hi hitesh bhai how are you?
    you are doing good,keep it up.
    thanks for garba

  31. Just right click on link which one you want to download . and then click on save..

    its automatically start downloading…..

  32. Mangesh

     /  01/14/2011

    Thanks Hiteshji
    I like ur garba songs

  33. Mangesh

     /  01/14/2011

    very nice garba songs. anyone help me How to download non stop garba part 1 & part 2

  34. Harsh

     /  10/20/2010

    Hi And These Garbas are Fantasty And They Are Really Owesome

  35. Just right click on link which one you want to download . and then click on save..

    its automatically start downloading…..

  36. chintan

     /  10/09/2010

    nice collection bro……however am unable to download it…can pls guide me how can i do that!


  37. harshil

     /  10/08/2010

    gud work
    proud to b a gujrati..
    jay jay garvi gujrat

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